Welcome to the web page for Ben Armstrong Services.


Why is it called Ben Armstrong Services?

Well that is for the very simple reason that Ben isn't a "one trick pony" and has a high level experience in many different technical fields.  Due to many years of professional experience, exceptional results come as standard.


If you can't see a service you're looking for on this page, by all means get in touch to find out if it's something that he can do.



Live drums and percussion for your recording or live music requirements.
From a full kit to a small Cajon, it's covered.


Are you selling a product, but need some good quality images?
This is one essential online service that can be catered for with no problem.


Are you looking for a clear, English speaking, male voice to use for your product or commercial?
Maybe you need a clear voice for an audio book or an automated telephone system?

This is a service that can be provided too.



Need your video or audio pieced together for your online platform?
Need someting designed from scratch?
Not a problem.


From recording to live sound, with many years of experience all your problems can be solved.


Are you looking to release a product to the market?
Do you require thorough testing, with honest, unbiased feedback?
This recent service addition has proven to be very useful and effective to numerous companies across the globe.

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